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Wind energy: a natural energy source used to generate electricity.


Free raw material
Wind is a free "energy resource" for power generation, right on our doorstep. It's ours, we don't have to import it. We use it to generate electricity with our own raw materials.

Infinite energy
Climate change demands a move away from the use of fossil fuels. The Stone Age did not end because there were no more stones. Now the era of renewable energy has begun. Viento & Co provides enough clean energy, without pollution, without wasting resources. And at a constant price.

Climate protection
Clean wind energy makes an enormous contribution to climate protection.

When generating electricity from wind power there are no exhaust gases, no waste, and no wastewater. There are no additional costs for the disposal of power plant waste or environmental damage, as is the case with coal and nuclear power plants.

Efficient life cycle
When a wind turbine has completed its life cycle (after at least 20 years), it can be dismantled quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. The turbine is removed and the green field is recovered. In addition, many components of the wind turbine can be recycled.

Molino de viento de papel
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