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The professional maintenance of a photovoltaic installation is crucial to ensure its efficiency and durability over time.

This process not only optimizes energy performance but also identifies and corrects potential failures or wear, ensuring a continuous and safe operation.

Energy production drops

It is estimated that a plant may experience a 20-30% decrease in its normal production due to the deterioration and soiling of the panels. Regular maintenance will allow anticipating a structural problem and detecting when intervention or cleaning is required to minimize negative consequences.

The practice of preventive maintenance is also implemented with the purpose of preventing the occurrence of potential damages. It involves essential activities such as inspection, cleaning, and other interventions aimed at preserving the integrity of the installation components and ensuring their optimal functioning.

Combining these inspection and plant monitoring processes, we now offer three independent basic packages that will cover the specific needs of your plant.

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Basic Service

Daily plant monitoring, visual inspection of panel condition, support structure review, equipment status check, grounding inspection, and examination of protection systems.

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Monitoring Only

Daily plant monitoring by qualified technician.


Panel Cleaning

Cleaning of dust, mud, or other accumulations that may affect the proper functioning of the plant.

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