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Marine Energy

Marine energy is a form of renewable energy that uses the power of the ocean to generate electricity. There are several branches of marine energy, each with its own unique method of harnessing the ocean's energy. In this section, we will explore the different branches of marine energy and how they work.


Wave energy: Wave energy is generated through devices that use the motion of waves to generate electricity. Wave energy devices can take many forms, from floating buoys to underwater structures, and can be installed in the ocean at different depths.

Stream energy: Current energy uses the kinetic energy of water to generate electricity. Current energy devices are installed in high velocity areas of ocean currents and use turbines to convert the water's energy into electricity.

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Tidal energy: Tidal energy is generated from the potential energy of tides and tidal currents. Tidal turbines are installed in estuaries and bays with large tidal height differences and are used to generate electricity.

Ocean thermal energy: Ocean thermal energy harnesses the temperature differences between the surface water and the deep ocean to generate electricity. Ocean thermal energy systems use fluids that change state at different temperatures to generate power.

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