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PV Leasing Mode

For the implementation of a photovoltaic plant to cover own consumption, space and investment capacity are required.

The investment for the execution of a photovoltaic plant is not always feasible for all our clients. That's why we created the SOLAR HUB project; an initiative in which we bring photovoltaic self-consumption closer to companies and individuals through a leasing model on rooftops, meaning no upfront investment for the client.

How does SOLAR HUB work?

SOLAR HUB is designed for communities of property owners with large roofs, businesses, and owners of industrial warehouses. You can benefit from this project if...

  • You are paying a high cost for energy.

  • You have a large roof.

  • You cannot or do not want to afford a photovoltaic installation but want to benefit from solar energy for self-consumption.

In any case, we offer to install a photovoltaic plant on your roof at no cost to you in exchange for the use of your roof and the plant itself during the agreed-upon contract years.


And... what do we offer in return?


1- Reduction in the amount on your electricity bill

Do you have an asbestos roof?

SOLARHUB also allows owners of warehouses with asbestos roofs to benefit.

  • We take care of removing the asbestos roof.

  • We incorporate sandwich panels on the roof.

  • We install a PV plant over the entire replaced surface.

And all of this comes at no cost to the client.


The rent and the profit from the sale of the energy produced by the plant will go towards the replacement of the asbestos; however, the client will continue to acquire the energy at a very favorable average price.


For more information, feel free to contact us.

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